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Meet Tristan, a seasoned lifeguard and swim instructor with almost seven years of experience. His own love for swimming ignited at a young age, driving his passion for imparting knowledge and skills to others.

Tristan takes immense pride in his work as a swim coach and mentor for the Special Olympics. He’s dedicated to empowering young athletes with intellectual and physical disabilities, helping them boost their confidence, enhance physical fitness, and conquer personal milestones through swimming.

Beyond coaching, Tristan leads Aquafit classes tailored to adults seeking low-impact fitness solutions. His classes are dynamic and enjoyable, motivating students to make progress and embrace an active lifestyle.

Tristan’s heartwarming moments come from teaching parent and toddler classes. His patient, gentle approach combined with a playful demeanor fosters a delightful learning environment for young swimmers. Witnessing children find joy in swimming and hone their skills is a source of great satisfaction for both Tristan and the parents involved.

Committed to water safety and the transformative power of swimming, Tristan believes that age is no barrier to learning this essential skill. His dedication shines through as he helps students of all ages and backgrounds achieve their individual goals in the water.

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