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Client Reviews

Diogo is an awesome swimming coach and fantastic with kids. My 4.5 yrs old son has shown remarkable improvement after only 7 sessions and always looks forward so much to his Swimming lessons with Diogo. He is patient, firm, and very knowledgeable in motivating and teaching swimming to children. Diogo conducts his lessons in such a fun way that my chatty little boy gets very engaged with minimal distractions. His sessions are very efficient yet very enjoyable, complemented with fun games. We feel so lucky to have found Diogo!

Elly Jalali

What a dream come true ,, thanks to Diogo! His patience and kindness did equal his ability to teach an older person like me ,,to swim ! I will continue to learn with Diogo each time I will be in Vancouver , Merci mille fois,, à bientôt !

Anne Leclerc

My child (8yo) had so much fun today at his first lesson with Diogo and he is really looking forward to his next one. Diogo is a fun, knowledgeable and patient swimming instructor based on what I could see. Highly recommended! I might even take my 3yo as well to take some lessons with him too.

Krista Garcia-Viñas

Diogo is a wonderful teacher. The way he breaks down all of the parts of swimming and teaches them one at a time really helped me learn. I highly recommend him for lessons.

Tracy Thorn

Great instructor for adults who want to learn. He is patient and makes you feel comfortable. It is easy to follow his instructions, he can strip it back if you are having difficulty and guide closely or leave you to practice while he keeps a watchful eye. Great balance of teaching.


I am visiting Vancouver and noticed Diogo giving lessons. He managed to accommodate me at short notice and I am so grateful. He corrected my breathing and stroke in one lesson. Now I am humming like a swimmer.

Diogo is gentle and patient. He imparts his knowledge easily and instills confidence as you learn.

I highly recommend Diogo. Obrigado.

David Libter

Diogo is an amazing instructor. Definitely catred to my needs and started off with basic skills sets. He’s very knowledgeable and delivers the instructions in a very simple and basic way that’s very easy to understand and practice. Thank you Diogo. Look forward to our next session.


Helped me to improve my freestyle stroke and I’m feeling far more efficient and no longer gassed when I swim. Diogo incredible instructor. Great attitude.

Dustin Ryan

Diogo is very professional and friendly to the children. The children really enjoyed his classes. I could see that my child’s improvement after every class. My 4 year old learned how to swim within 10 classes of 30mins each. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn swimming.

Ada Zeng

Diogo was super friendly and easy to connect with. Learning a new skill could be daunting but he took me through the process in a structured way and I was able to learn some valuable fundamental skills. Would definitely recommend.

Ekta Sinha

Diogo is a phenomenal swimming instructor. I have learned lots of things just in one lesson and can’t wait to have other lessons. I would highly recommend him for anyone.

Artist C